It’s not an exposure issue.
It’s not a talent issue.
It’s a knowledge issue.
— Adam Baker, Founder

Goal is to get the right fit for you

We don't want you to just "get recruited." There are countless players that get interest and go through the recruiting process, but then either never get offered a scholarship, or attend a school not right for them. Our number one goal is for you to attend the school that is right for you. 

Provide more than exposure

Exposure is not the reason you aren't getting recruited. Knowing what to do with the exposure you're getting is the key to getting recruited. Teaching you the knowledge that you need is what we really do, and that is what will ultimately help you succeed in life.

Walk with you through the journey

We don't post up your skills video and tell you good luck. And we for sure don't wait for you to reach out to us for help. We are right by your side through the whole journey, guiding you, and showing you each step to take.


Focus on the back-end

You have hitting coaches, pitching coaches, and strength and agility coaches, but why not a coach that helps you off the field? We help you become a better man and how to become a true success in this crazy thing we call life. 

Just Help Baseball Players

A lot of people ask us why we don't help other athletes. Our answer is always, "it is because we are an expert in baseball." Yes, we can teach a high school soccer player about the NCAA rules, and send out a mass email to all the college soccer programs. But we can't advise a soccer player on the right camps to go to, or how soccer coaches think and what they look for in a player when they recruit.


Adam Baker started Rounding Third because he was tired of seeing high school baseball players struggling through the recruiting process, just like he had during his playing days. With first-hand experience and a passion for helping young men succeed in such a pivotal time in their life, he knew he could help. Through lots of praying, Adam decided to step out on an act of faith and start Rounding Third. 

You’re probably thinking, “that’s great and all, but how is it you actually help me get recruited?”

That’s a great question.

But it’s the wrong question. The right question to ask is, “how do you help me succeed in life?” That is really want Rounding Third is all about, mentoring young men and teaching them (not giving) the tools to help them succeed in all areas of their lives well past their baseball playing days.

  • We don’t get you recruited, we help you attend the right school for you
  • We don’t get you exposure, we teach you how to create interest and market yourself
  • We don’t leave you alone, we are your guide, going step by step with you through the journey
  • We don’t improve your game, we improve your life
  • We won’t be in the shadows waiting for your call, we hold you accountable and we will push you out of your comfort zone
  • We don’t let you go to countless camps and showcases to get “exposure”, we find out your goals, create a plan, and teach you how to target specific schools which will save you time and money – plus get you real exposure

Never Bunt

You only have one life. Go for it.


Pitch and Catch

Life, just like baseball is not complicated. Keep it simple.


make adjustments

No one said that you have to make a decision and stick to it the rest of your life.


pay attention in the dugout

Always be learning. Always be ready for your number to be called.


run every ball out

If you're not going to give it your all, why do it at all? 

Always get the sure out

Don't be reckless. Get the sure out, and then try and turn two.


Keep your eye on the ball

Never take your focus off what's important.


be ready for the ball

You have to be ready for life to come at you - quick.


communication is vital

Many of the world's problems could have been avoided if people communicated clearly.


play until the last out

Never give up. Always fight.

Fundamentals are key

If you don't have the fundamentals down you are going to fail, plain and simple.


Know the situation

Sometimes your priorities take a back seat. Know what is important and what isn't.


never argue with the umpire

Respect everyone. Even if they make your life difficult, respect them.


Practice makes perfect

Don't ever think you can just "wing it" in life. Practice the things you care about.


attack the ball

If you let life come to you, you will be eaten alive. Attack the day. Attack life.